Sustainable Packaging

It is expected that by 2050 there will be more plastic pollution in our oceans than actual fish! And it is no surprise that we have reached such extreme circumstances, as our levels of consumption and waste are growing each year.

Like many other small sustainable businesses, we do not wish to be part of the problem but rather the solution. So, at Ayllu Box sustainable packaging is one of our core focuses. And while you may think that you see some plastic packaging, have a read below to find out how are packaging is sustainable!

How Is Our Packaging Sustainable?

  • Inside each box you will find that the tea bags are packaged inside compostable bags made from  NatureFlex ™ – a 100% home compostable film made from cellulose, which is derived from sustainable wood pulp.
  • Willow & Flo package their shell & torso candles in a biodegradable green bubble wrap. 
  • Both the teas and candles have a compostable sticker to remind you of how you can dispose of your packaging. This sticker is also biodegradable and compostable as it is made from a natural byproduct of sugarcane refinement. 
  • The brown cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable.
  • The natural paper shred is made from recycled paper and is both recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Both the pink and white tissue paper are acid free, recylable and FSC approved.
  • The brown/lilac wrapping paper is made from kraft paper which means it is fully recyclable and compostable. 
  • The business cards are printed by a printing company that uses; environmentally certified and recycled papers and quality vegetable based inks.
  • The Ayllu Box labels  are printed by a printing company which; uses paper that is 100% de-inked post consumer waste, sourced from FSC certified mills,  and uses inks made from organic biomass, making them fully compatible with standard de-inking processes so that they can be recycled at any plant certified.

p.s. Willow & Flo is dedicated to  creating eco-conscious products and 50p from each purchase of their Shell candles will be donated to The Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading charity focusing on protecting our seas, shores and wildlife.