Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

Vex King’s bestselling guide is where personal growth meets personal disruption, or as the author himself would put it “[…] the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better and then working towards it.”

Good Vibes Good Life covers all areas of our lives including career, lifestyle, family & friends. His wisdom is built from the hardships he has faced and the hurdles he has had to overcome; including financial worries, anger issues and coping with negative judgment from others.

While some of his advice may seem fairly self-explanatory, as humans we can sometimes carelessly become so wrapped up in a particular thought or feeling that it can be hard to act rationally. That’s why I recommend reading Vex’s book from start to finish, and then keeping it somewhere in view to refer to in times of need.

“You’ll get the job, the partner, the house, the car, etc. Just don’t rush the process; trust it. You have to grow into your dreams.

As I’m writing this in January my social media feed is flooded with new resolutions. Talk of running marathons, going tee-total, cutting down on spending and losing lots of weight comprise the majority of what I’m scrolling through.

While we always set these goals with the best of intentions, we tend to seek out “instant gratification” instead of something that we can sustain. Vex reminds us in the “positive lifestyle habits” and “taking action” sections of the book that “new habits’’ which we “carry out consistently over a long period of time become habits that reap lasting results.” Patience is truly a virtue and keeping consistent with our efforts and remaining resilient in spite of setbacks will help us meet our goals.

“The aim isn’t to force positive thoughts, but to transform the negative ones into something healthier, so you can feel better.”

While surrounding ourselves with positive people and striving for success is certainly constructive, it’s totally impossible to banish all traces of negativity from our lives. Anger, envy, failure and heartbreak unfortunately come part and parcel with being human. Vex therefore urges us to explore different ways to deal with our negative thoughts, to ensure they don’t become all-consuming.

The first chapters of his book describe the way that “[…] when you feel good, your life also appears to be good,” and it is when we are in this state that the law of attraction takes its course. For example, we are more likely to strike up a conversation that goes somewhere when we leave our homes feeling positive than if walk out the door feeling bitter, enraged and with our heads down.

“If you keep trying to please others, you will never keep up. In the end, you will satisfy neither them nor yourself. ”

Do you live in constant fear of being disliked or judged? We exhaust ourselves in our attempts at pleasing everyone, knowing deep-down the sheer impossibility of it all. Vex reminds us that there will always be people who don’t agree with what you’re doing, and that’s fine. Put to use the constructive criticism, but ignore the rest of the noise.

I hope you enjoyed The Ayllu Box’s book of the month- let us know your thoughts!

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